Draftees with STEM college degrees

Cary, NC

During the draft, there were a series of "01" MOS' -- 01B through 01L. These were for draftees with college degrees in Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM) who for whatever reason did not want to go to Officer Candidate School (OCS). I was drafted with one of the earliest degrees in computer science (1971). Through a rather circuitous route, I served as an 01E, Mathematics-Statistics Assistant, at the Army's Military Personnel Center (USAMILPERCEN). In three years of stateside desk-bound duty, I made E-5 in 21 months, was awarded two Army Commendation Medals, and received personal thank-you notes from two generals. I guess my greatest accomplishment was singlehandedly automating the quality statistics for personnel information submitted to USAMILPERCEN (then located in Alexandria, Va).

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