My 20 years

Henderson, NV

I served in the U.S. Army from April 13, 1961, to June 30, 1981, and during that time I was a combat engineer, construction machine operator, quarry machine operator, utilities supervisor and engineer adviser. My overseas service was three tours in West Germany and two-and-one-half tours in the Republic of South Vietnam.
I was about halfway through my third tour when I was wounded; that was March 27, 1972. I spent the first two tours in the Mekong Delta with the 20th Engineer Brigade. The third tour was as an engineer adviser with the Royal New Zealand Army, which was under the Free World Forces. Not just one of a few, but the only one. How? Who knows; I guess they liked me. I was awarded the Royal New Zealand Engineer Badge and am the only American soldier authorized to wear it on the uniform.

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