American Legion Furniture City Post 258’s Dictionary Project supporting Pillar #4 - Children & Youth

Grand Rapids, MI

The American Legion’s 4th Pillar: Children & Youth support from Michigan’s Furniture City Post 258 (the post that wears the “different” cover and is made up of only Navy, Marine and Coast Guard)

The Dictionary Project for Furniture City Post 258 has touched many a 3rd-graders heart, mind and smiles since 2015! Post 258 budgets the funds to purchase the Student Dictionary (with the Gazetteer containing extra info such as the Constitution, the presidents, the states, weights and measures, and so much more), plus some Spanish/English dictionaries, and a few Student Dictionaries (with Animal Gazette) (for the schools that have a combined 3rd/4th grades - regular Student Dictionary for the 3rd and the “Animal” Dictionary for the 4th).
These are all purchased for the Dictionary Project (a national organization) (and these books are geared for 3rd graders).

Thank you,
Cliff Mulder
Dictionary Project Chair

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