Honored veterans and family members.


Honoring veteran pillars responsible for construction of Veterans Meeting Hall in Rincon

Rincon, PR, OT

American Legion Post 67 in Rincon, Puerto Rico, honored 24 veterans responsible for the construction of the Veterans Meeting Hall in Rincon on Sunday, Sept. 3, 2023, by presenting them a plaque that will be placed at the entrance of the building for all members to emulate and look up to. Their efforts portray a true demonstration of camaraderie and friendship. It took 14 years to start construction of the building, but four years to completely build the Veteran Home, with the final completion in 2012.

Veterans honored: Cristóbal Rodriguez Feneque, Rafael Vargas Ramos, Tomas Vargas, Jaime Candelaria, Luis Nieves, William Cardona, Carlos J. Raffucci, Wilfredo Ramos, Carlos Vargas, Luis Vargas Hernandez, José Moreno Hernandez, Efrén Rosado, bienvenido Agrón, José Muñiz Saldivia, Esteban Vargas, Hinginio Feliciano Ríos, Samuel Holandéz Bonet, Ángel Morales, Francisco Mendez, Nelson Vegas Amaez, Ramon Pagan, Miguel A, Valentín, José A Ruiz Soto and Manuel Seise. This tremendous accomplishment started with just an idea and a dollar bill - no one thought it was possible and the beginning of the endeavor. Through donations, raffles and, most importantly, veterans' personal time and effort, little by little the Veterans Hall was completed. Although we are saddened that many of these veterans are not with us today, their legacy will move on for many years to come.

Today, Post 67, winner of the CUCHOCOLL and Post Excellence Award, continues honoring the founders’ efforts by keeping the Legion active and among the best posts on the island. The hard work continues.

Plaque honoring all veterans directly involved in the construction of Post 67.

First dollar donated to support construction of the building.

The beginning of the Post 67 building;s construction.

The Post 67 building today.

Proudly honoring founders’ efforts by keeping the Legion active.
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