Top R to L Fernando Martinez, member; Carey Augustine, Adjutant; Chia-Kia Lu, Vice Minister of Veterans Affairs ROC; George Sutton, Vice Commander; Larry Martin, Past 4th District P/R Chairman; Steven Ferrell, 4th District Commander; Fred Hwong, NTX CC Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Bottom L to R Brian Cass, Sgt at Arms; Chin-Yuan Chen, Specialist of Foreign Liaison Section; Johnny Lee, 42 years in USA; Kai-Heng Wong; Senior Inspector and Chief of Foreign Liaison Section; Chuck Scholander, Chaplain; Hung-I Sung, LT, 40 years in USA; Theresa Lewis-Whitehead, Bar Manager; John Whitehead, E-board member


Republic of China veterans visit Texas Legion post

Plano, TX

On Wednesday, July 25, 2018, distinguished guests from the Republic of China Veterans Association gathered in Plano, Texas, to honor the memory of one of their national heroes, who is interred nearby. They later visited American Legion Harding Blaine Post 321 in Plano in a ceremony that honored our fellow veterans.

Steven Ferrell, 4th District Commander exchanges pins and coins with Chin-Yuan Chen

A ROC Veteran's Association depicting their emblem.
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