Vienna Post Continues Tradition Started in 1953 by Going Virtual

American Legion Dyer-Gunnell Post 180 - Vienna, VA

Memorial Day is a time for all Americans to honor the men and women who died serving this great nation. We traditionally do this in group gatherings, where memories are shared of those who’ve passed and new ones are made listening to speakers, visiting grave sites and sharing meals. This year gatherings are ill advised, especially for our older veterans. American Legion Dyer-Gunnell Post 180 in Vienna, VA, however, decided not to simply sit at home. If they couldn’t gather to remember and honor at Flint Hill Cemetery they would make a video to help people remember and share this special day. They made a project team, coordinated with The Town of Vienna, and created this thoughtful and heartwarming tribute to those who died in service. They then dedicated the video to our current host of American Hero’s, medical professionals, first responders, and all others on the front line of this crisis. The video is here on YouTube. Please share it with family and friends and may God Bless us all.
Chris Hauth
1st Vice Commander
American Legion Dyer-Gunnell Post 180
Vienna, VA

Flint Hill Cemetery -
The Town of Vienna -
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