ASD adults learning Tai Chi Chuan.


Veteran helping Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ontario, CA

Disabled Legionnaire giving back to his community

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) adults need help in other ways and David Metoyer, Vietnam veteran of 1965, is doing what he can.
Did he ask if they were of veteran families? Of course not, if they were it didn't matter one way or the other, because he knew he could provide them with emotional and satisfying confidence. Autism Spectrum Disorder is estimated to affect one in 68 children, therefore treating and helping anyone will somehow help or reach a veteran family.
He teaches his adults the Tai Chi Qi Gong form, emphasizing balance and breathing. The similarity of ASD to PTSD is overwhelming. David knows this because of his combat PTSD and the overthinking similarity of his students. He sees and experiences the overthinking in the PTSD mind and the ASD equivalent.
If VA looked at the results he has accomplished with Tai Chi Qi Gong with his system, and implemented it, they could eliminate or cut back on some of the damaging medications.
One day a week David trains his students, and their excitement pleads for more. However, David wants them to look forward to more and not be bored if too much concentration is required.
If anyone reading this article has a functioning ASD person in their lives, David encourages them to contact him at If close by, he will provide personal training at no cost. If they are distant, he will instruct via Zoom at no cost.
David’s credentials and certification are accredited by three distinctive and powerful organizations:
1) Disciple of Grand Master Liang Ke Quan, Beijing, China
2) Certified Instructor by Master John Bracy, Chi-Arts Association
3) Certified Instructor by Tai Chi Qi Gong Association of America
Many discoveries have proven the similarity and treatment between ASD and PTSD with Tai Chi Chuan Qi Gong, such as: The effect of six weeks of Tai Chi Chuan training – National Institutes of Health (.gov) 60Jan2020 Tai Chi Chuan training improves focus, attention to internal cues and balance, it seems to be an effective system for autistic children. PTSD and Tai Chi Chuan Jan2021 National Library of Medicine Explored the feasibility of a Tai Chi intervention to improve musculoskeletal pain, emotion, cognition, and physical function in individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder. Findings: In Phase 1, most felt Tai Chi would benefit health (90.9%) and expressed interest in continuing Tai Chi (6.73 out of 7).

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