Active-duty member manages business, book-writing and nonprofit organization

Atlanta, GA

Sigourney Rosario is a dynamic individual who wears multiple hats with dedication and passion. Serving full-time in the military, she began her journey in the Air Force in vehicle management, transitioned to a role as commanders assistance, and currently serves as a recruiter stationed in Georgia. Her military background has instilled values of discipline, resilience and service to others, which deeply influence her work beyond the military.

Sigourney is not your average entrepreneur. In addition to managing Self-Love Stationery, a brand dedicated to empowering women and girls with affirmations, she serves her country as an active-duty member. Sigourney's commitment to spreading self-love doesn't stop there; she's also an accomplished author, having penned three inspirational books.

But Sigourney's passion for making a positive impact extends even further. She manages the Letters for Life Foundation, a nonprofit organization where individuals write heartfelt letters about their needs for encouragement. Through her various endeavors, Sigourney is not only building a successful business but also making a difference in the lives of countless individuals. Her dedication to self-love and community empowerment is truly inspiring, and she continues to serve as a shining example of how one person can create meaningful change.

In her free time, Sigourney enjoys a variety of activities that reflect her adventurous spirit. She's an avid reader, finding inspiration and knowledge in the pages of books. She cherishes moments spent with loved ones, finding strength and support in those connections. But she also seeks thrills, whether it's soaring through the skies through skydiving or finding tranquility by the water while fishing.

Sigourney's commitment to empowering others and fostering self-love is evident in her work with Self-Love Stationery and the Letters for Life Foundation. Her multifaceted life experiences, coupled with her military service, make her a remarkable individual dedicated to making a positive impact in the world.

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