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Barrington, NH

Barrington, NH — American Legion Post 114 member Christy Piper recently finished writing her first book Girl, You Deserve More: How to Break His Spell over You, Escape Your Toxic Partner, and Become Independent. She published this week on Amazon and other bookstores. The ebook is temporarily on sale for $.99 and it’s also available in paperback. Christy is the second Post 114 member to publish a book.

Kindle edition: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09C6CP5JL
Paperback edition: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1956310002

Traditional marriage and relationship advice assumes that both partners are healthy and will put in the effort. But it neglects the ugly truth that sometimes a relationship is unsalvageable. That some people unknowingly married someone with narcissistic personality disorder or other harmful personality traits.

Are you or someone you know in a relationship with a person who is abusive and refuses to change? Do you logically know you need to leave, but feel stuck? Christy will take you through the mental and physical blocks you may face when leaving this partner, and give you the action steps to smartly move out.

The book is also useful for people in leadership and helping professions to keep at their desk. This way they are ready to advise those using the book's resources.

Veteran Rob Myers says this about the book: "Over the course of my 26-year military career, sadly I can recount way too many stories of military womens' dreams robbed and lives ruined by toxic guys. I will add your book to my deskside library at my office. Female military leaders, surgeons, nurses and others constantly query the titles in my library, and we chat about them. If just one of the women, or men who are trying to help a woman sees your book on my shelf and it proves to be a helpful resource I will be happy."

Christy Piper is a human dynamics, mindset, and relationship expert. She learned these lessons the hard way when she was forced to handle dysfunctional personal and professional relationships. She developed strategies to rise above her circumstances. Now she helps others uncover their own strength and resilience. She is the wise older sister and cool professor you always wanted. Christy received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Florida State University and is a US Navy veteran. She currently lives in New England.

This is released just in time for Domestic Violence Awareness month next month. Bulk order pricing is available for organizations, companies, and conferences.

Contact her for inquiries:

Christy Piper

CTA: Order your copy on Amazon today at the sale price! The number of sales in the first week are vital to the book’s success. It would help the Amazon algorithm for discoverability if you bought one today, and even more if you give it a 5 star rating.

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