Post 62 Riders and supporters with World War II veteran Sam Jones and his wife for his 100th birthday party.


John J. Morris Post 62 Riders join World War II Army/Air Corps veteran to celebrate his 100th birthday

Peoria, AZ

On Saturday afternoon, May 11, 2024, several John J. Morris Post 62 Riders and supporters traveled to a nearby assisted living center to deliver two cakes and honor World War II veteran on his 100th birthday. Sam Jones told his story of his service, and all our veterans and supporters took time to shake his hand and thank him. The whole group sang "Happy Birthday" to Sam. The post commander called our veterans to attention and saluted our World War II veteran, who returned the salute. Steve Jones, another Air Force veteran and Sam's son, told of his service and thanked everyone for attending. He was only expecting a couple people from the post, and when over twelve showed up, he was speechless. It is always an honor when we can thank our World War II veterans.

Two cakes provided for the celebration.

Riders getting ready to go celebrate the 100th birthday of World War II veteran.

Veterans from John J. Morris Post 62 salute Sam Jones on his birthday and for his service in World War II.

Army veteran Curt Sapp meets with World War II veteran Sam Jones to shake his hand, wish him happy birthday and thank him for his service.
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