50 years since 'Nam

Anadarko, OK

In recognition of 50 years passing since serving in Vietnam, I have chosen to run distance races, which I had started at age 72 when my grandson said I couldn't do it. Today, Nov 1, 2020, marks 50 years passing since I served almost 11 months in a tour shortened with troop reductions. I have run at least one distance race of 5K or longer each month in 2020 and trained in between. Timed events were run in towns across Oklahoma (Moore, Anadarko, Perkins, Enid, Lawton, Rush Springs), and virtually (Moon Joggers/OKC Marathon) near Anadarko, Okla. I finished today with an 11K race on Highway 9/62 east of town, out and back, finishing in 86 minutes at age 76. Drafted in July 1969, I began service and turned 25 in basic. Last July I ran a 7.20 mile virtual race to commemorate that and Armstrong's moon walk 7/20/69.. On April 19 a small group ran 9.02 K in lieu of the postponed OKC Marathon. The distances I have run or trained at were 5k, 10K 11K, 4 mi, 7.2 mi. In January, I scaled Mt. Scott up and back (6 mi) and later the 6 mile fire road around it. Proud to participate in the 100 Miles for Hope. Keep up the good programs.

Elbert Glen Price, commander
American Legion Post 24
Anadarko, Okla.

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