Most embarrassing moment

While at Fort Knox, Ky., during my basic training in 1964, one of our standing orders was to promptly report in formation outside our respective barracks any time the fire alarm sounded. The only time I recall it going off occurred on a Sunday afternoon on one of our few days off from training. As was customary on Sundays, many GIs on post had family members visiting. Having had a workout that particular morning, I decided to take a shower right after lunch. Well, the fire alarm sounded, and having no time to dress back into my fatigues, I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around what I could cover, and reported to formation. Following roll call, I was promptly dismissed, while the rest of my company, still at full attention, received quite the verbal lecture on how not to laugh or smirk at how any GI appeared in such situations (or so I was later informed by my other company counterparts). But that was, to me, the most embarrassing moment in my entire three-year Army career!

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