First Real Shave

When I joined the Navy in 1961 I was just fresh out of High School joining the Navy at age 17.

Mom packed my bag with all the essentials I would need for Basic Training; toothbrush, toothpaste, clean underwear, underarm deodorant shaving cream (Barbasol) and who can forget my first razor blade.

This was no ordinary razor blade but the first class Gillette Double Edge Adjustable 1-9 Safety Razor. This razor had the double edge blade and had the added feature of allowing you to cut at the lowest setting (1) and the highest setting (9).

After landing at Great Lakes, making sure I remembered my service number (still know it today), we all checked in with our Drill Instructor (DI). As we lined up for inspection the next day, the DI looked at me and said "Get rid of that peach fuzz sailor" Yes sir, not knowing what Aye aye, sir meant yet, I went to the "head" to shave off what I couldn't see.

Of course I wanted to pass inspection, so I set the Gillette Double Edge Adjustable 1-9 Safety Razor to the highest setting.

Well, when I finished shaving I had so much toilet paper covering the bleeding from the first few strokes, you could barely see my face.

As I walked back to the "grinder" to tell him I needed a few Band-Aids, I heard him holler "take that man, quick, to the Dispensary".

Well I didn't have to shave for the next 2 months. I still had the "peach fuzz" when I left as well as my Gillette Double Edge Adjustable 1-9 Safety Razor.

I wonder what ever happened to that razor?

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