A Basic To Remember

A "Basic" To Remember

I was married on June 24, 1951 but knew I would soon be drafted and the future was uncertain.

I was drafted Into the Army on October 29, 1951 and had my basic training at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

I was now training in the "Combat Engineers" which required 8 weeks of "Infantry" training and 8 weeks of learning to build bridges and roads in "Combat Zones" with a rifle on your shoulder. It was during the "Korean Conflict" (they didn't use the word WAR ) and these were very serious times.

Our training was very rigid and a lot of it was spent under all weather conditions. It was very cold and on this day, it was raining very hard. We were soaking wet when our "Platoon Sergeant" finally told us to put on our "Ponchos". This was early in the morning and we were cold and damp.

When we got back to our barracks I was shivering and undecided whether to go to "Sick Call". I went to the "Orderly Room" and requested permission to go but the Sergeant said I was 1 minute late and I best wait and see how I feel tomorrow. I put on my "Long Johns" and went to bed.

I trained all the next day with "Walking Pneumonia" and went to "Sick Call" with a 104 temperature. Actually I was taken from the Infirmary and rushed to the hospital. I didn't get back to my training until January of 1952.

I graduated "Basic" in April in good health but I'll never forget this part of my "Ba-sick".

Alan A. Mendillo, Wayne, N.J.

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