Sat down in ranks

I had an infection in my right knee. There were red streaks around the wound and I probably had some sort of blood poisoning. But I was not about to tell anyone for fear of getting sent to the hospital and having to start basic training all over from the beginning.

It was late in the day and our squadron was at Parade Rest waiting to go into the chow hall. I was in the back column and didn't think sergeants Haynes and Washington could see me. I decided to risk it and just gave up and sat down on the pavement. Unbeknownst to me, a sergeant from one of the other squadrons spotted me and was delighted to tell sergeant Haynes how sloppy his squadron was.

Sergeant Washington snuck up behind me and the next thing I knew, he was kicking me in the butt. He grabbed me and stood me up against the chow hall with my nose to the wood and told me not to turn around.

So there I was! In awhile I heard my squadron called to attention and they were marching off to chow. What was I to do? I slowly turned to see and guess who was standing silently behind me? Sergeant Washington! That was the last straw! He dragged me into the chow hall and gave me to the cook. "I don't want this piece of trash in my squadron. You take him"
The cook put me on pots and pans and I stayed there til late at night. Finally he let me go and gave me a hint on how to find my barracks.. The next morning I woke up with the troops at 5 AM.. Neither sergeant got on me. I think one of my buddies let them know what was going on. Somehow the knee got better and I was able to make it through basic.

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