Basic Training Lackland AFB 1956

I arrived at Lackland in early June 1956 after a three day rail trip from southwest Virginia. We were greeted at the train station by a group of what we found out later were training instructors. After what seemed like forever, we re taken to a mess hall where we were fed bologna, powered eggs and other unknown stuff. We were then taken to our new home. By then it was well past midnight and we were hoping to get to bed. Nope. The next day, which arrived much too soon, was our first military training, making our bunks. Everywhere we went we were razed and called rainbows. Our flight was one of the last to go full time at Lackland. I then went to Warren for tech school, Randolph for 18 months, and then to Ramstein Germany, which I loved.

Had many assignments over the 24 years in the AF. When I retired I went to work for the AF at Kelly AFB until I fully retired. Had close to 40 years with the AF.

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