Summit of Mount Washington, N.H.: Aug. 6, 2023. 34 degrees with wind chill, and 40 mph sustained winds.


50 summits for Be the One

Saratoga Springs, NY

In an effort to bring attention to The American Legion's Be the One campaign, Post 70 Adjutant Keith Koster is bringing the Be the One flag up the highest point in each state. He started on Mount Marcy in NY on 3/29/2023. He has also completed Mount Frissell in CT (4/8/2023), Jerimoth Hill in RI (4/21/2023), Campbell Hill in OH (5/9/2023), Hoosier High Point in IN (5/10/2023), Mount Mansfield in VT (7/11/2023), High Point in NJ (7/17/2023) and Mount Washington in NH (8/6/2023). Several summits have been solo hikes, but he has had Unit 70 and Squadron 70 members join him on the hikes. On his upcoming trip to the national convention, he plans on hitting the highest point in Delaware on the way to Charlotte. The weather is the biggest factor in getting the hikes in and planning travel to complete. He is hoping to get about 25 completed before the end of 2023. He has increased his followers on social media as they ask what he is doing when he breaks out the flag for a picture, and are interested in following the progress and the story. In High Point, NJ, he was even interviewed by an Instagram blogger. With eight summits completed he has logged 40 miles hiked and 13,126 feet of elevation gained.

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