GI Bill success

Muscation, IA

Admission to a VA hospital in 1953 for medical complications as a result of
frostbite incurred in 1950 during the Chosin Reservoir campaign while serving
as a Navy corpsman led to contact with a VA education adviser. My claim for a disability rating was approved several months later, and eligibility for
World War II GI Bill benefits was confirmed. This same adviser urged participation in a vocational review and test; in consequence, following his recommendation, application was made for admission to the Iowa College of
Pharmacy and in 1955 I began classes as a freshman, supported financially by
the GI Bill benefits. My BS was awarded in 1959 and my MS in 1961,
followed by a very rewarding 30-plus years as a hospital pharmacist, the
pursuit of which resulted from the intervention by the VA adviser and the benefits of the GI Bill.

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