GI Bill benefit for pilot training

Ridgeville, SC

After 23 years of Air Force service, the GI Bill was applied to obtaining a commercial pilot license with instrument rating. I was successfully hired into my first airline employment 1n 1981 with International Air Service Company, a contract aircrew source for contracting with established airline companies. My first job was with Emery Air Freight at Symrna, Tenn., flying aboard the Boeing 727 as a second officer. Two years later, an upgrade to the co-pilot/first officer position on the 727, flying night freight throughout the United States. While engaged in airline flying, I also maintained active Air Force Reserve participation at Charleston, S.C., in a flying squadron of C-141 "Starlifters." Frequent military flights were flown to overseas areas moving military cargo and passengers. The GI Bill provided me an oppurtunity to further my desire of becoming an airline captain, which occured as experience progressed later on into heavy transports flying to destinations around the world.

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