You are My Brave Veteran Soldier Eyes

The Veteran Soul lives on always.
Papa fought in the extreme cold.
Memories of you and me.
Stills his companion nightmares on battling scenes.
All those firing bullets rage on in waves of saturating hate.
Couldn't even seal his fate.
His best friends.
His very respected mates succumbed to untimely fates.
He heard within himself....
in the context of his heart...
These words saying, 'America…
How I shall fight to defend your free.
Give me that enduring faith of yours ole liberty.
If I lay down my heart beats for thee.
Just don't forget I died for my mighty country.
As he heard the grenades bursting away.
He continued to run into harm’s way.
And then one bullet pronounced him dead.
The picture page flips to his honored grave.
His loving wife and daughter of eight.
Hold together his hero's American flag in their shared hands.
Their tears respectively fall on that precious American flag...
That flag.
That powerful receipt represented that he had died for the ideals of his homeland.
As his family walks away.
Dressed in the silhouette garb of grieving ways.
You could hear the song of 'America the beautiful.
The beautiful song permeating in the haloed whispers from his warrior's grave.
Even to this moment.
Where we honor and celebrate him and all Veterans on Veterans Day.
I love you our Fallen and those still
You are my Brave Veteran Soldier Eyes.
(C) Copyrighted

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