Navy Brothers

Marietta, GA

This a story about the three Hayes brothers and their service in the Navy.

Bill served in the mid-to-late 1950s, including Aviation Storekeeper Class A School at Jacksonville, Fla., and on the flight deck of the USS Hornet, now moored at Alameda, Calif.

Harold served from 1964-1967, including Aviation Storekeeper Class A School in Millington, Tenn., Naval Station Rota Spain, Squadron HS-3 at NAS Norfolk and the USS Randolph CVS-15, S-6 Division, and advanced to AK2.

I (Howard) joined in September 1965. School billets were backlogged, so I pulled six months TAD at NAS Point Mugu, California, where I mess cooked at San Nicholas Island and trained in the Security Infantry Division. In Millington, I completed Aviation Fundamentals Class P and Aviation Storekeeper Class A Schools. I joined Harold in HS-3 at NAS Norfolk, and went to sea on USS Lexington CVS-16, USS Randolph CVS-15, and recovered the Apollo 9 astronauts on the USS Guadalcanal. Randolph crossed the equator early in 1968, where I became a Shellback. I transferred to drilling status as an AK2 at NAS Alameda until I received TAR orders to NAS South Weymouth. Assigned to the pre-commissioning team to form VP-92, I advanced to AK1 in July 1973. I transferred to VR-54 at NAS Atlanta in 1975, to NAF Washington, DC in 1980, retired there in 1985, and moved to Bowie, Md., where I stayed until 2010, when I moved to Marietta, Ga., in retirement.

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