Rendevous Tahiti

Rendezvous Tahiti

My husband, William Stephan, is a Disabled Vietnam Veteran who developed Parkinson’s disease by being exposed to Agent Orange during the war. He has been unable to work for the last 14 years due to his incurable disease.

In that time he has written a book based on his true story of love and war which covers his travels to 6 continents.

I am asking you to pre-order a copy of the book through this link at Amazon Smile where a percentage of each book sold will be contributed to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Thank you for supporting my husband and the Wounded Warriors Project. Kathy Stephan

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“Rendezvous Tahiti” Now available on Amazon for pre-launch purchase and lowest price guarantee. The book will be published July 1, 2015 at a higher price.

Rendezvous Tahiti is a true story of love and war, incredible journeys across six continents. It takes place during the Vietnam War beginning in Saigon and ending in Tahiti. A young soldier returning from Vietnam unscathed (Or so he thought) is disillusioned by the changes that have taken place in the country. Americans burn American flags. The new culture is pot and free love, and returning troops are heckled and spit at. In a desperate search for a job in this hostile environment he calls on the incompetent manager of an employment agency who sends him on a blind interview for an unknown position. Little did he know that this interview, by a trick of fate, would change his life forever. Stephan’s ability to paint a picture with words leads to illuminating imageries of exotic destinations that you will not soon forget. Be prepared for a wild ride. This is a book you will want to read more than once.

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