Four brothers who served their country with pride

Onalaska, WI

Four brothers served our country, each representing a different branch of the military.

Raymond E. Craig (93) was a private in the Army during World War II, serving in Africa and Italy with the 34th Infantry Division that experienced over 500 days of combat.

Ronald H. Craig (deceased) served with the U.S. Air Corps in England during World War II and made the Air Force his chosen career.

Howard B. Craig (deceased) served in the Pacific during World War II on USS Medusa. As an officer of the local American Legion, he established a veterans cemetery in Lander, Wyo., where he rests today.

Emerson D. Craig (deceased) was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps and served in the Korean War.

This was written on behalf of Raymond Craig, who currently lives in Chicago.

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