Women Veterans Memorial in Middleborough, Mass.

Middleborough, MA

Middleborough Veterans Agent Paul Provencher reached out to four women veterans to discuss the idea of having a memorial honoring women veterans in Middleboro’s Memorial Park. Of course each of us were excited at having been asked to attempt this. We came together, not having known each other, and started thinking about a design, fundraising ideas and how to raise public awareness.
We were very pleased with the local veterans groups, family, friends and local businesses that came through for us. In a little over two years we were able to put all this together and plan for the dedication. Memorial Day 2015 was our day.
The woman veteran on the stone was sketched by Legion Post 64 Past Commander Jeff Montelo. It represents all branches and eras of women in the military. The saying “In honor of all military women who volunteered, served and sacrificed for the love of their country with patriotism and pride” was written by Betty Rollins. The words on the back of the monument, “Freedom Courage Dedication,” are meant to express our feelings for doing our part in serving in the military.
The dedication was not just for Middleborough’s women veterans but for all sisters who have or are serving and to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. The committee members were: Michelle Hamilton, U.S. Army Vietnam era, Nikki Colburn, U.S. Navy Desert Storm era, Mary Standish, U.S. Air Force Vietnam era and Betty Rollins, U.S. Army Vietnam era.

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