Twilight's last gleaming


Keep her flying

Plano, TX

I sit around and complain about protesters more than most. I did have an epiphany recently. I considered that many flag protesters really displayed a lack of understanding on whatever hot topic they were trying to use the disrespectful treatment of the flag to portray. My thoughts are that if I do not exalt the flag, who will? No one should care about my opinion of flag protests, so what keeps me from just making my own statement? That epiphany was provoked by the sight of the flag flying in glory on a beautiful clear spring day. I had stopped to pull over to enjoy the view of it then considered, why does that business go to the trouble of displaying and honoring that beautiful flag? That was when that little voice in the back of my head chimed in, "Why don't you?"

My hot rod has been a lifetime dream and it has taken nearly five years to build it. I take a lot of pictures of it, mainly because I am a showoff. I got to thinking, why not show the rod with great examples of the flag flying? So here are a few highlights of the several hundred pictures I have made. As a tribute, most businesses with well-displayed, honored and maintained flags have veterans in key positions to ensure the flag flies proudly. Let my tribute and appreciation be for them too.

Flying to Glory

Ford Lot

Flying HIgh

Leading the Way

Breezy Day

Attention getter

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