Members of project committee for Across-the-Pond Veterans Park


Small town creates veterans park

Iron River, WI

A veterans park is being planned for Iron River, Wisconsin.

“We have a lot of ideas and are at the beginning of big plans for this area and your veterans”, said Ray Kangas, chairman of the committee planning the new Across-the-Pond Veterans Park to be located on U.S. Highway 2 and Orlowski Road, Iron River. The 10-acre piece of land is currently owned by Bayfield County, and plans include transfer of title to this non-profit development.

The planning committee includes, in the photo L to R, John Hoelter, design engineer, Marian Vaughn, business consultant, Larry Frostman, co-chairman, Roger Johnson, construction supervisor, Ray Kangas, chairman, Jane Snilsberg, project manager, Kevin Johnson, Veterans Service Officer, and Washburn. This core group has been working on ideas for the project for years, and with a meeting scheduled with Bayfield County’s Executive Committee for, hopefully, their approval of the land transfer, some of those plans can be put into effect very soon!

The proposed park will include a beautifully designed Veterans Memorial Area for everyone to enjoy. The first phase of the project, with every part being handicapped accessible, will include an RV park and camping facilities; Flowage access for swimming, boating and fishing; trails for walking, running, biking, etc. A main building will have bathrooms and showers, an information center, and a business office.

Future ideas are unlimited and exciting to think about. The public will be welcome in every part of the park, and all ideas will be welcomed as well. This is an ambitious development and funding will be a huge part of it. For more information, or to express interest in becoming a part of the project, please contact Ray Kangas at 715-372-4654, or

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