Orchardvale WWI Monument

Zillah, WA

As District 6 commander, Department of Washington, it is a great honor to present this monument now residing at the Zillah, Wash., Veterans Memorial. Many veterans and community members have gone above and beyond to ensure that our veterans are never forgotten.
In a small farming community of 2,964, the veterans of American Legion Post 130, city officials, community organizations, community citizens and citizens from all over the area came together with a dream and made it a reality. People donated as little as $10 and as much as thousands of dollars to make this happen. After many hours of hard work from everyone, we now have a memorial that will stand for eternity.
Our commander and members of Post 130 worked tirelessly to raise money and tell the story of our efforts, which inspired so many people to step forward and make it happen.
The 21 sentinels with veterans name, branch of service and assignments; flag plaza with sentinel for each branch of the service plus The American Legion; and center monument are a great tribute to all those who have served our country.
For years this post has been known as one of the smaller posts in the state, yet the membership is greater than any other organization anywhere. The dedication, commitment and hardworking members make this post so proud of what we are able to accomplish. The younger members are now training and learning the importance of such a group of veterans and look forward to the day when they can lead our members.
Now that the new veterans memorial is open to the public, not a day goes by that someone has not stopped to see what we have accomplished.
As veterans, community citizens and citizens from all over the community, we thank you for making this memorial a lasting tribute for many years to come.

Dale L. Spurlock
Commander, District 6
Department of Washington, American Legion
6 North 6th Street #1014
Yakima, WA

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