Canadian recognition of Vietnam veterans

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Canadian Vietnam Veterans Quebec (CVVQ)

We have two memorial sites in Canada remembering and honoring the service of Canadians who were in U.S. forces in Vietnam. One is in Windsor, Ontario, across from Detroit, and the other is at 210 Rue Émond, Melocheville QC, J0S 1J0, Quebec (on the South Shore of Montreal). 146 of these Canadians were killed in this war.
Another attempt to erect a memorial in Ottawa by a group of Vietnam veterans led by Lee Hitchins never got off the ground due to difficulties in finding an appropriate location. This group, known as LZ North, eventually closed up and sent their remaining funds to the Windsor and Melocheville organizations. Partial funding of the engraved granite stone mentioned below comes from that LZ North donation to Melocheville.
A granite stone monument engraved with the 146 Canadians killed in Vietnam is being added to our Melochville memorial at our 24th Annual Vigil at 6 p.m. on July 12, 2019. As usual, the vigil is open to anyone who wishes to attend and honor our fallen. Special thanks to Victor Vilionis for identifying the 146 names. Unfortunately, lack of information about the families prevents us from notifying them.
Throughout the years, Vietnam Veteran Freedom motorcycle riders and supporters from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nam Nights Motorcycle Club, Rolling Thunder in Washington, D.C., and other veterans and supporters from Canada continue cross-border memorials honoring the Vietnam veterans. We have been going back and forth honoring over 58,000 U.S. soldiers killed in Vietnam.
Group visiting of veterans in VA hospitals in Canada and the USA have always been very well supported by the Canadian and American legions in Canada. The American Legion in Canada continues its goal and practice of honoring veterans on Memorial Day laying the American flag at Field of Honor Cemetery, Pointe-Claire, Quebec and other cemeteries. The Canadian and American legions and supporters visit veterans at the VA Hospital in Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue, Quebec.
North Riders Motorcycle Club, a veteran support group, and other support groups also help remembering our veterans.
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Richard Davidson, 82nd Airborne Division, served and wounded in Vietnam on April 4, 1968, with Charlie Company 1/505. Past Commander, American Legion, Montreal CN01.

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