Stevensville (Mont.) Fort Owen Post 94

Stevensville, MT

After the War on Terror a memorial was started by the Post 94 members for servicemembers who enlisted to serve this great country, but after 20 years the quickly put together wall was showing signs of distress, so a few members began planning a new, more permanent monument.
A design came together of cement, granite and aluminum. The decision was also made to only list the names of Stevensville natives who had lost their life during their time of service., beginning with Isaac Ingalls Stevens, whom the town is named after and who lost his life in the Civil War.
The design also includes the symbols of the six branches of the military, to include the new Space Force.
Veteran's Park is a city-owned park; the city of Stevensville also got involved and purchased new flagpoles and lights.
Included is a picture with a small portion of our Post 94 members.

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