Born An American

Born an American
By Mark A Dube, SSG(Ret)/DAV 2003

As an American I eat apple pie
As an American I played Baseball
As an American I travel this land
Followed her roads wherever I can
Sea to shining sea, I seen allot
None it of it will be forgot
As an American I was born free
To see the wonders God gave to me
I watched the fields as I passed by
The corn, soy and wheat all grow so high To feed the rich and poor alike Of America or any that can be feed
As an American I've been to the peek
Of many a majestic mountain
Where the air is so sweet
I watched the Eagle, sparrow and hawk
Fly, hunt and play, on any given day
The birds of America know the freedom well Their freedom, it’s not for sale
As an American I've seen the graves
Of many a fighting man
That died in many ways
Some died in war, to keep America free
Some died in servitude to those who didn't care Some died in my life, others long before As Americans, free, clean and brave
As an American
I was a fighting man, saved to live out my days By the grace of God go I When others passed away My friends and buddies Soldiers, not of fortune, but rich with pride and honor As Americans so we can stay free
As an American
I lived in other places
Helping other people, many different races To find a freedom they never knew As an American, I was hit, kicked and robbed By those I went to help As an American, I stayed any way Hoping they would see me For the sacrifice I made Left my America, family and friends To lend a hand, where I didn't live
As an American
I will stay free
For there are others
That love freedom
Same as me

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