Hemet Post 53 California


Hello my name is Joel Ortiz (US Navy 85-93) I am Post Oratorical Chairman .I volunteered as Chairman 5 years ago and didn't know the difference from the 3-5 Minute oration or the difference between the 8-10 minute oration .This year our Post won the 5th area Oratorical and we will be going to Department .It has been an Honor to work this Program ,I have been disabled for over 15 years and have had so much support from our American Legion Post 53 in allowing me to be Chairman.Not only has it been an Honor but I have also had a refresher course in our U.S. Constitution (My Cognitive Health needs all the help it can get ).The Parents , students and community members who have experienced the American Legion Contest leave with a great sense of Americanism and Patriotism and it is with great pleasure I share this story with you all .............................FOR GOD AND COUNTRY .

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