Legionnaire Writes Book on Unusual 9/11 Story and Events Before and After

American Legion Post 43 - Naperville, IL

My wife and I were trapped on a ferry boat between Tangier, Morocco and Madrid, Spain on 9/11/01. When the Muslim crew learned of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, they turned the boat around and returned to Tangier without informing passengers about the reason for the change in itinerary. European and American passengers were separated from North African passengers and the men and women were further separated. That was the status quo until pro-Western King Mohammed VI of Morocco received assurances that the U.S. would not retaliate against his country despite one of the attackers being a Moroccan national.

In my multi-genre book titled: "Terrorists and the Terchova Treasure - In My Brother's Place", I describe our adventures in returning home and my pledge to be a one-man force against terrorism wherever I found it. I also look back at world events and my personal military and civilian experiences from President Carter's administration the President Bush (43) to determine what signposts the U.S. missed before and after the attacks that might have led to a different outcome. My book is written to appeal to a wide audience, particularly history buffs.

As a Vietnam-era veteran and an active member of Legion Post 43 in Naperville, IL., I approached the Post Commander and Board with a proposal to donate $1 for each book I sold for use in helping local veterans in need. I am pleased to report that in the first few months, I was able to bring in over $600 for that purpose. Without obtaining leads for book signings and other events in the community from Post 43 members, I would not have been nearly as successful in my fund-raising efforts. My book is available on order from bookstores country-wide, through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million websites as well as in a Kindle version. In addition to being a "good read" in its own right, my book is working hard to care for veterans who served our country nobly from WWII through Iraq and Afghanistan. Check it out! Maybe your post can buy several copies to give to hospitalized veterans. It's better than anything on day-time TV.

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