From the veterans of Magnolia Manor to Post 35, Columbus, Ga.


A Post 35 9/11 remembrance thank-you

Columbus , GA

A few days after the Post 35 9/11 remembrance, our Vice Commander John Hedgecock made his monthly visit to the veterans at the Magnolia Manor. As he was leaving the veterans presented to him some handmade thank-you cards to bring back to the post - not for the visits, but for remembering them and including them in the remembrance. When he showed them to our Commander Chuck Acker, Adjutant Al Albino and myself, Finance Officer Clyde Loupas, we were moved in ways I cannot explain, as these were from the heart. We knew that all the hard work paid off, but this was the icing on the cake. As the Sergeant at Arms and other Legionnaires arrived at the post, they were also shown these cards and were equally moved. It was then that the Sergeant at Arms recommended that after our post yearly activity book has been submitted to the district, we frame and mount these cards for future Legionnaires to see, and to act as a reminder that the small things count.

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