COVID-19 response

Fairfax, VA

Post 177 in Fairfax, Va., was contacted by the Fairfax County Health Department, whose offices are about a block away from the post, if we would let them use about 25 of our parking spaces for the extra employees who were going to be working at the office since they invoked the Emergency Response Protocol. They indicated they would need them from 0900 - 2100 Monday through Friday for four weeks. We would normally charge some kind of rent for the use of our property and have done so in the past for them. This is different, though. Our health department is on the front lines in this battle and we need to support them however we can.
We have also contacted our city, county and state officials asking them to let us know how we and our facility can help.

Jeff White, CMDR, Post 177, Fairfax, Va.

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