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Maryland honors fallen Marine and Naval Academy cadet

Frederick, MD

Veteran advocate Francis Scott Key Squadron 11 and Marine Corps League Detachment 770 member Josh Marks requested a State of Maryland Governor Memorial Citation(s) for Capt. Mouses A. Navas, MARSOC Marine Raider, and Naval Academy cadet David Forney. Capt. Navas was killed in action in March 2020; Cadet Forney passed away in February 2020.
“These young men were committed to serve a higher purpose and aspired to attain military careers. They both were loved by their comrades, friends and families. They deserve to be recognized.”
Capt. Navas was a beloved husband, father and MARSOC Marine Raider leader. He fell fighting an ISIL cell in Iraq along with Marine Sgt. Pongo of San Diego. Marks had the governor's citation delivered via the U.S. Postal Service as the family had relocated to North Carolina. He had also called Sen. Thom Tillis’ office (NC) in Washington DC requesting they recognize Capt. Navas with a Congressional Memorial Citation.
Marks had intended to present the Forney family with a Governor Memorial Citation and a Congressional Memorial Citation that he had requested from Sen. Chris Van Hollen, but with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic opted to have them delivered by the Postal Service. The senator's office had recommended Forney for admission to the academy. State Director Joan D. Kleinman stated, “I met this handsome young man. He truly was a gentle giant and had such a promising military career ahead of him. Very sad and my heart goes out to the family.”
Marks is an avid Naval Academy football fan and said “Forney, who would’ve been a senior graduating this May, will be missed by the academy, Naval football fans and coaches. Truly a shame to see such a bright young man’s life cut short so early. His was headed to a great naval career.”
Fair skies and following seas. Oo-Rah and Semper Fi.

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