Post 247 member Nick "Chief" Markoff provides younger crossing participants with a brief history lesson.


Post 247 crosses the Potomac River

Poolesville, MD

The water was calm, low and refreshing as members of Post 247 and invited guests, including a local troop of Girl Scouts, waded out across the Potomac River in Dickerson, Md., on Sept. 26. With post members in the lead and a local historian in tow, participants were not only treated to the refreshing water but also to a history lesson about the importance of the site being traversed. White's Ford has played an important role in both interstate commerce and war between the states of Maryland and Virginia. First used as a river crossing point by Native American inhabitants in this part of western Maryland, the ford was later famously used by troops on both sides during the Civil War. The most famous crossing was that of 30,000 Confederates into Maryland in the fall of 1862 on their way to fight at the Battle of South Mountain and later Antietam, before being repulsed by Union forces back into Virginia.

The crossing, sponsored by Post 247, was well attended and allowed for post members to interact with younger members of the local community, providing both a better understanding of local history and allowing participants to better understand ongoing efforts of Post 247 members to support veterans causes in the area. Post 247 intends to make this crossing an annual tradition and hopes to increase the number of participants each year.

Post 247 members and river crossing participants head back toward Maryland across the Potomac River.
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