Alpharetta American Legion post flies new U.S. Space Force flag

Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta American Legion Post 201 and its 800 members claim the distinction to be the first American Legion post in the nation to fly the U.S. Space Force flag.

The banner of the Space Force, the newly created sixth branch of the U.S. military, takes its place among the other five service branches and the U.S. flag flown in front of the Wills Road facility.

Since the new branch was created in the spring, Alpharetta Legionnaires led by member Matt Cronley have been working to obtain the branch’s flag. Korean War veteran and Post 201 member Jim Kallinen of Johns Creek tracked down the company authorized to make and sell the flag. He purchased it and donated the flag to the Legion.

On Oct. 30, within a few days of receiving the flag, Kallinen was joined by Cronley and Post Commander Alan Dudley to hoist the flag to its place of honor.

The attached photo depicts (L-R) Legionnaire Matt Cronley, Post Commander Alan Dudley and Legionnaire Jim Kallinen as they prepare to hoist the new U.S. Space Force flag at Alpharetta American Legion Post 201.

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