New book reveals what really happened in the D.C. Capitol riots, from a female Navy vet/National Guardsman on front lines

Washington, DC

Most busy mothers juggle days, when raising families, by cooking meals for their families, long walks with their family pet, and brushing up on the newest cooking shows and Netflix tv-series binge-watching. A mother of three, Julia Maki Pyrah does all that, but also squeezes time into her busy schedule to take courses on crowd riot control, rifle practice and the latest uses of gas masks.
Maki Pyrah, an Air National Guardsman who works for the Department of Defense, describes this – and more – in her compelling new book called "Guardians" (Tactical Publishing, Nov. 2020),
"Guardians" gives readers a candid and intimate account as Maki Pyrah put her life on the line for the sake of her country, joining a limited force of 340 from the D.C. National Guard who were unarmed. Their job was to help with traffic flow — not law enforcement, which was meant to be handled by D.C. police.
When the mob reached the Capitol complex, it took about 15 minutes for the west-side perimeter of the building to be breached, she says. The Capitol Police contingent, which numbered around 1,400 that day, was quickly overrun by the estimated 8,000 rioters.
Maki Pyrah is a veteran naval aviation warfare systems operator living with her husband and family in D.C. She currently works in airfield management in the D.C. Air National Guard. When not defending her country and also caring for her family, she writes other military-themed children’s books: "What They Don’t Teach You in Deer River," "My Mom Hunts Submarines," "All Hands on Deck!", "Dad’s Coming Home" and more.
Julia is available for interview on television, radio and in print. For a link to "Guardians," click here. ("Guardians" was co-authored by Nicholas A. Cotroneo, a defense contractor and war veteran.)
Julia has been featured on the TODAY Show with Hoda & Jenna, LIFE Today TV, WWAY TV3 News, Just the News TV with David Brody, Fox News Radio, Sirius XM Patriot Channel, David Webb, Stacy on the Right, PRX Radio, VA Veteran Author Corner, & Blue Magazine.

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