Got Poppies? Got Poppy Cookies?

Grand Rapids, MI

The American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Cookie was created after viewing a video on YouTube. After typing in "poppy cookie," there appeared a video from a bakery in Montreal, Quebec, demonstrating how to decorate a Remembrance Day cookie.

I thought what a great idea! Bring awareness about the meaning of the poppy in such a sweet way. My friend and Auxiliary chaplain, Harriet Sturim, had a connection with Marge's Donut Den in Wyoming, Mich.

Marge had her cake decorator design these cookies for us. The story was featured on "eightWest," a local morning TV program and in the Advance weekly newspaper.

We also distributed ALA poppies at the bakery over Poppy Days! SWEET! Another bakery in California picked up on the idea too! Can your favorite bakery design a poppy cookie or perhaps a cupcake? Goal = poppy awareness and distribution!

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