Captured by Love: Inspiring True Romance Stories from Vietnam POWs

"Captured by Love" shares the inspiring romance and love stories of POWs who returned from the Vietnam War after five, six, seven and even eight years of incarceration and mistreatment in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” prison system. Can you imagine many long years isolated from your country, your family and especially your wife? Imagine being locked up in cells with male combat veterans for 2,000 or more days. Those hardships are what make these successful romance stories so special. But they have never been told.

Upon our return home, we stayed somewhat connected through military assignments but mostly through hanging out at our NamPOW reunions. It was during those events that I heard more and more of the guys telling stories about how they met their wives, and how great their marriages were. Many of these stories were so amazing that even Hollywood screenwriters could not dream up or dare make up such incredible examples of romance, love and marriage success! How ironic that the POWs' physical and mental suffering and years of separation actually helped them create great romance and lasting love.

You’ll be swept up into some extraordinary tales such as:
- Carole boldly gave her husband’s POW-MIA bracelet to John Wayne - he wore it for years!
- Pan Am stewardess Suzy wore a bracelet for POW Bill Bailey, who she did not know. But she prayed for him daily, and miraculously met and married him when he came home.
- After eight years in prison, one POW said to his wife in his first phone call upon his release, “Hi Jane. It’s Tarzan.” You will laugh and cry when you learn why.

Former POW Lee Ellis and love expert Greg Godek take you on a dramatic journey of faithfulness, passion, excitement, resilience and practical love lessons from these couples. Forewords by Tony Orlando and Gary Sinise.

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