Foreign Correspondent


A new book by Patricia L. Mosure and Stephen G. Patten

Middle East, CBS News, Far East, MIAs, POWs, CIA, War on Terror

The United States of America does not leave its troops behind. In any conflict where our leaders commit Americans to battle those Americans must know if they are captured by enemy combatants or if they falter or if they fall behind, America will come back to get them and bring them home.

This is the story of a reporter striving to maintain that pledge. It covers over 40 years and takes place during wars in the Far East, Middle East, and Central America, including today's war on terror. And it takes place in America in wars of a different kind.

This book is intended to inform you, the reader, of efforts to bring lost Americans home and of the career of a journalist involved in those efforts.

Most of all, it is intended to keep faith with our heroes.

To order: Call 1-800-533-4726 or e-mail or mail your payment and address to 2029 Verdugo Blvd., #210, Montrose CA 91020. Book price: $17.95

Publication is scheduled for summer 2015. Pre-order this book now and pay $15.95 and get free shipping. Pre-order offer good through 31 March 2015.

Pattie Mosure
President, Lee & Grant International

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