Dearest Wife and Girls

Dearest Wife and Girls is a 374 page book that provides a glimpse into the lives of my parents during World War II. The book is based on 124 love letters Pvt. Cisco sent to his wife, Mary Opal, from the time of his induction in August,1944 and,while he served in Europe through 1945 in Gen. Patton's Third Army, 11th Armored Div.,41st Cavalry.

The letters reveal great insight into the young couple's lives during this difficult time for them and the U.S. The power of hope, faith and humor sustained Pvt. Cisco during the long months of combat and being away from his family. His letters always encouraged his wife to be positive and have faith that he would return safely to her and the "little girls." It is evident from the letters that he enjoyed hearing about news at home and what his family and friends were doing. The author provides interesting comments about what her mother, sister and she were doing back in Ohio while Pvt. Cisco was three thousand miles away, personally entangled in a world conflict.

The author reveals some of the day to day combat command movements of the 11th Div. through Europe, including liberating many concentration camps. After the war ended in Germany the letters reveal Pvt. Cisco's concerns about being redeployed to the war in the Pacific to defeat Japan and when he might be discharged from the military and return home. Also, to better understand references made in the letters, the author provides historical information on the battles occurring on the various war fronts, on the leaders and governments of many countries and military personalities invlolved in this global crisis.

The book contains a collection of the "Thunderbolt War News" taken from the "11th Thunderbolt Press." The news clippings are eye witness reports written by war correspondents imbedded with the 11th Division during the war. Also, there are actual "After Action G-2 Reports" reporting intelligence information during combat and after the battles.

But most importantly, this is a love story expressed in the soldier's letters to his wife. Through the letters, the reader can feel Pvt. Cisco's emotions, anxieties, the longing for his wife and the home sickness he felt, missing his wife and young daughtes, and the life he had known in America before he was drafted in the military to serve his country.

I can send you a copy of the book, if you would like. It is also available on

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