— This marks the nationwide release of the paperback edition of author Daniel Edward McCoy’s new memoir, “How to Make an American Hero: An Age of Innocence.” The hardback edition of this eye-opening book was released August 11, 2015.

“How to Make an American Hero” speaks of true heroism, not only of American soldiers who fight to protect the country, but also to their support staff. In this memoir, McCoy talks about his mother, whom he considers his rock. His mother, who was a church lady and the nicest person one will ever meet, is the daughter, the wife and the mother of an American hero — being the foundation of those dedicated to service. She is to be loved and respected.
As a Marine Corp and Army Sergeant, McCoy believes that one does not quit until he blacks out or dies as he always moves past the pain. His book will go through some of the exceptions to this rule. At some point in one’s life, there is always a choice to live. Service teaches a person to live for the benefit of others.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the books are now available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or, you may also purchase an e-book or kindle.

McCoy was a walking wounded for 42 years after fighting in Vietnam. He was wounded twice in combat, which earned him two Purple Hearts. McCoy was also awarded the Bronze Star with V for Valor, which is an individual combat distinguishing award.

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