Whe'r Our For' Fathers

written on Monday May 30, 2016 Memorial Day
At the cemeteries in Wray and Vernon Colorado
Whe‘r Our For’ Fathers
Seasoned soldiers times past
‘n wonder how they ‘av last
Our Country ‘Tis Of Thee
Not united as one ‘fore
‘stead divide each soul sore
Right in own eyes
T'is but dumb splend’r
They once who with country
Called each brother
Now ‘bout things don’t matter
‘stead of r’mem‘ring every
‘n a time died
Brothers for each other

A world val’ntley defended
Too oft’ still offended
Spit in faces of heroes
‘n wonder not ‘bout times of sorrows
How careless become
Free people no longer one
‘std of as in wars past
Proclaimed In God We Trust
‘n Pra’d children would last

Think of those who
We w’re enemy to
‘n marvel ‘bout
Who’d be called brother
‘bout who died on sides
Causes righteous in own eyes
Th‘re the blood of those
Who died fought ‘n ‘rose
For country as we
Did the same for those
Deny us then ‘n now
I see Old Glory fly’n
‘n wonder ‘bout those
Our country & flag
Best, loved & united
Both then ‘n now?


by Sherman L Mobley

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