A volunteer's moment during the Ride.

I had the privilege to attend the American Legion Riders National Commander’s escort to the Milledgeville VA Veterans home. It was exciting to get there early. The GA ALR Area One Assistance Director was busy confirming all details. I took a few pictures of the workers setting up and preparing lunch for travelers. Volunteers assembled the lunch boxes for over 300 motorcycles riders and accompanying vehicles full of support personnel for the ride. The visit and lunch stop would be less than two hours.
The Escort is arriving. I run to get photos of the entry to the Milledgeville VA Veterans home. The Motorcycles seemed to just keep coming through the flags, placed by volunteers earlier this morning. Riding two by two the motorcycles followed the directions of the local volunteers to get them all parked in a small area. With most of the vehicles parked and everyone moving to get water and a move to the lunch area for usual ceremony of introductions, I moved to the end of the parking area. A small group were pushing a motorcycle into an overflow parking. Problems? Battery was the diagnosis. Google found an auto store with the correct battery. So, the Fred from Arizona and I took a drive to the local Auto store. It was fun to visit with someone one ride. He was hot and having fun. Back to the VA facility, a mechanic that had helped remove the battery was standing by to assist with installation. They now had 10 minutes to get the bike running or he could not continue to ride in the formation. Forgoing lunch and downing water the two riders worked at getting the motorcycle back together and running. Started and ready to ride just as the formation was starting up and beginning to move. Wow, what a sound to hear all those motorcycles running.
Down the road they went with local law enforcement assisting to get them down the road. It is a site to see hundreds of motorcycles moving down the road, two by two. Next stop – refuel.
Most motorcycles only carry enough gas to travel 100 to 200 miles before refueling. A local Engels shopping store allowed two pumps to be used to refuel. The bikes pulled into the parking lot in an orderly fashion. They then moved in flights of 25 bikes at a time to the fuel point. One bike was loaded on the trailer. Formation riding is difficult. It is hard on work on riders and bikes. Once fueled down the road they continued.. May they all keep safe and all wheels on the ground.

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