A veteran's Covid-19 experience

On April 22, as we all were practicing stay-at-home and safe distancing, I was walking beside my house when the neighbor's window opened. A young couple with three children live there. The four-year-old boy spoke to me in a strong voice, "Hi John! Guess what? I know the Pledge of Allegiance!" I responded, "I don't believe it! Let me hear you say it!"

His younger sister and mother then appeared. "We've been using the flag in your front yard to practice the Pledge of Allegiance," his mother said. A little surprised, I said "Really?" I am an 82-year-old Navy veteran and fly the American flag with the Ohio state flag under it. The four-year-old said, "And I know the Pledge of Allegiance all by myself!" "Well let me hear you say it," I said.

After some hesitation and looking at his mom, I said "OK, let's do it together," which we did as he lead us, with our right hands over our hearts. HE NAILED IT! I was really impressed and congratulated him and his mom. What a great way to spend Covid stay at home orders!

The rest of that day and most of the next, as I viewed my two flags waving in the wind, I was thinking there must be a pledge to the state flag as well. Not knowing of one, I chose to sit down and write one.

My State of Ohio Flag Pledge: I pledge loyalty to the flag of the State of Ohio, and the commonwealth for which it stands, and to the leaders we have chosen. One State blessed by God, unified to work together for the survival and best interest of all.

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