When I got back from serving country,
from Vietnam era came,
I tried to work again in town,
and hoped no one would blame.

I went to work within the kitchen,
at VA Hospital there,
and hoped for care and love from them,
from country that we shared.

But quick I found my hopes much shattered,
though I cared for them,
for cared for me they did not do,
my sins they sought to stem.

They said that I had seized a job,
that someone else deserved,
and persecuted me quite much,
their anger could not swerve.

And so I quit the job with them,
I thought could make my life,
and left my family and my town,
and hitch hiked mid the strife.

I made my way to Aberdeen,
and in the college joined,
and on the GI Bill I went,
and finally joy employed.

And it was there I met my wife,
with someone finally close,
who cared at last for soul attacked,
by town for which I’d hoped.

And as I look back over years,
so far I left in past,
I realized they could not beat,
the God whose Word was last.

And I bow to God this day,
Who held me in His grasp,
Who cared for me when all else failed,
though love in town had lapsed.


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