My Hero, Our Story

Huntington, WV

I see a photo of my late father in his U.S Army uniform every day. It reminds me of his commitment to his service, and those same values he has passed on to me as a man. He came from a large family, but never lost the obligation to his family.
My father, Shannon Harshbarger, was born in 1918 in Huntington, W.Va. He left school in the eighth grade to work and help the family, which was a common theme in those days. He served in the C.C.C., Civilian Conservation Corps, and sent money home each month. When World War II began he was called to duty and went to serve God and country. After basic training at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, he served six years in the Panama Canal Zone. Again, money came in monthly to help the family growing up during the depression was a lesson he learned well.
As a 42-year member at Post 16 in Huntington, I still value my father’s love of duty, honor and country. I am a member of Squadron 16, Sons of the American Legion, to honor his memory. Funny, the older I get, the smarter he was. May we never forget their contributions.

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