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USArmy CLC JROTC Battalion Gives Support to USArmy SCDJJ JROTC Batallion

James Leroy Belk American Legion Post 17 - Camden, SC

This is a unique situation where one Cadet Battalion not only felt empathy and understanding of the needs of another Cadet Battalion, they took action. James Leroy Belk American Legion Post 17, Camden S.C., has very active business partnerships with US Army JROTC battalions. Two are Broad River Road Complex (BRRC), Department of Juvenile Justice (SCDJJ), Columbia S.C. and Continuous Learning Center (CLC), Kershaw County Schools, Camden S.C.
When JROTC juveniles at BRRC are released back to society, they need new civilian clothes. Cadets may reside at BRRC for one to six years; they grow and styles change.
Thinking about this, cadets at CLC held a very successful clothing drive for cadets at SCDJJ. The clothes filled the entire cargo area of a navigator. The clothing was new and used, but all definitely in “acceptable style,” “the right look.”
CLC Senior JROTC Instructor LTC Walt Carpenter; DJJ Instructor 1SG Elvis Everett, and Dr. Melissa Osborne, Post 17 Liaison, coordinated the project. They are extremely pleased with the outcome of this service learning project by the CLC JROTC cadets.
Note of interest: CLC is the Alternative High School for Kershaw County S.C. Students there are sent by school and/or district administration. BRRC is the secure juvenile facility for SCDJJ.

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