Education is a Woodbury tradition

Post 501 - Woodbury, MN

Minnesota has always ranked high in studies measuring educational test scores. When it comes to teaching about military traditions and military heritage, Woodbury Post 501, located in a suburb of the Twin Cities, has its community covered.

The Web site for “The Fighting 501st” points out the commonly misunderstood differences between a 21-gun salute and three-rifle-volley. But it is the post’s dedication to teaching flag etiquette to young people that makes it a Legiontown.

“It is not just young people, but adults as well, who are grossly unfamiliar with what’s appropriate with respect to the proper care and display of our flag,” said Post 501 Commander Tom Grezek Sr. “Most are also unfamiliar with how the design came to be and the significance of the colors.”
Grezek, an Army veteran of the Vietnam era, and post Sergeant-at-Arms Tom Genza address about 150 area Scouts per year.

“Having a basic understanding of the Flag Code is a requirement for one of the Scout merit badges. Our most recent school presentation involved 70 second graders,” Grezek said. “It’s a joy working with youth. It’s very seldom that our post doesn’t get a letter of appreciation, signed by all the kids who participated in our training sessions. Training in flag etiquette is one great way of carrying out The American Legion charter.”

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